Friday, July 29, 2011


Hello. The test had just finished. And I'm happy with it. The thing that makes me feels unhappy is just the result.*Stop talking about result*

As I said, I'll post a new entry after my test. Teeheee. I am here ! Lol. Today I'll share something about western life and eastern life. But why ? I never write about this right ? Haha. It happened last night. I was busy doing my physics while onlining.*I didn't do the physics actually*. Then I saw one of my friend which is Cody Westbrook in the chat list.  He is actually my old friend when I was in form 4. I don't know how did i know him. We never met. And we are actually friend on Facebook only. He comes from a small town called.. *I didn't remember* He is now 20 years old and he's getting skinner you know. But who cares (?)

So, it has been about 2 years we never chat, so I started our conversation with 

"Hi Cody, what's up? watcha doin'? "

And he just simply replied me with 


Maybe he doesn't remember me yet. But at last, I just be frank with him and told him that I was his friend before. And blahh3. and he suddenly recognised me as I am his only friend from Malaysia.*Facebook*

Okay, now I want to tell you the differences about Malaysia and America. It is just a slight differences. It is all about Q&A. Lol.

Cody, do you mind if I wanna ask something? How's your life there? Is it fun to be like western people? You know right that I am Muslim, just wanna know about it.

" The best way to find out how western life is, is to move here. you probably couldn't understand it fully untill you did. I'm sure its completely different than your culture."

I know there's a large different between our culture. But, some of the people in Malaysia*Teenagers* are dying to be like western people. With all the style and what not, having fun ,sex and whatever crap. they think that it's a real life. What do you think ?

" It's not all, it's cracked up to be, life is hard here and people are heartless and have little compassion towards others. They don't know and everything centers around money or survive. It all depends on where you move to in America. But it's pretty easy to find girls here. Lol."

Lol. everything is about money. And about girls, I have no comment. =P. So, where is the best place in America?

" There's no best place really anywhere. It's all about being happy where you're at and makin the most of it. I live in a small town with 11,000 people, everyone knows everyone. Where as in some cities in America it's millions of people who don't know each other. Its just generally different from place to place."

*Guys, this is important, see, 11,000? and everyone knows everyone ? Sounds cool and a bit impossible right ? But in malaysia? For instance, at my hometown, doesn't reach thousand people, but everyone seems to be like, "hey, who are you? You're Norhani's son? Which Norhani?" *

You American must be happy with your social life right ? Here in Malaysia, some of the teenagers had already drowned with their social life, having sex, go to club and what not. but not me okay. You?

" Social life ? It's normal to us. I've done everything that I want. I had my first time when I was 18. I waited till I was 18 by choice. lol. Sex is good man. But I doubt it's what you expect it to be. And fyi girls are easy in America but sometimes the easy ones is the ones you gotta watch out for haha . Waiting till I was married would be a bit much for me but I don't regret waiting till I was 18. Lol. Not really sex actually because any body can have sex in America. You don't have to pay women to have sex with you if you know how to impress 'em lol just be youself first of all and dressed like American lol. You probably wouldn't wanna dress like you do now. no offense.just would look out of place here as it would. if I was to go to your country dressed in flannel shirts with jeans that have holes in 'em lol."

I didn't ask you how to impress 'em. Lol. wait there man, I think you're trying to say that *I said something*. =P

" I mean I do have a ...................... and girls like it loll. what kind of girls do you like? *this or this or this* Lol "

Stop there dude ! Haha.  ..................................................... haha. What about your people there ? I mean cultures and what not.

" Lol. the .............. doesn't really mean anything dude, its just how you are as a person and what you look like and how people see you. lol. its different man. America is just a thousand of different cultures in one, everyone is equal but really its just everyone is equal by law but different by the amount of money they have and how they live. poor people are looked down on normally. drugs are bad here. do you have drugs there? "

Of course. but I don't do drugs. You enjoy drug yeah?  America oh America. Lol.

" I just like weed. I don't really enjoy a lot of drugs other than natural thing like weed and shrooms. hey, if you moved to america you'd probably be lost. it would take you atleast 5 months probably to even understand how the culture really is and even then you'd probably feel like an outsider still the smallest things would make you feel like an outsider.your accent just random things man, but if you really wanted to move to america id suggest you move where a lot of people are that are like you or the exact opposite somewhere where hardly anyone is like you so you'd be different what american people just seem to over look is normal, being american is being different and you own person."

Forgot to ask you, what happened to you for the last two years ? Never heard anything about you.

"man I've had a lot of good and bad, i've been to jail for 3 times and i've been into drugs bad and i've had a lot of fun too though i 'd go awayfrom home for weeks just staying at random houses in different towns. meeting new people constantly. can you drive?"

Drive? Haha. Still waiting for my license. Where's your family?

" At least you have some freedom. oh lol. I have a family they just didn't care really. they care but they don't try to stop me from doing what I want. in my own man. "

Maybe they thought that they can give you freedom. But it's fun right when no one can stop you.Lol

"It's fun man but it gets old. I think you should be able to have the right to do what you want but as far as living in excess, it's not all, it's cracked up to be man. You end up wasting a ton of money and being broke and living at home. like me lol. "

But at least you have a happy life I guess. Do you have a job ?

" no, I've been trying to find one. It's really hard to find a job here, gas is expensive, food is expensive, everything is dude "

Life is tough there. everything is expensive, same goes here. You don't have a job but where did you get all of the money? You have a car?

" I worked for my granpa, but he's really tough and he's a drunk and fired me because he got drunk and acted a fool. I have mustang. Ford mustang. lol "
#aku terajang gak mat saleh nih, nak berlagak ade ford mustang!#

I have no car. Lol. It's evening there. you don't hang out with friends?

" I live in a small town. not much to do. we don't even have a movie theater anymore"
#sangkak! pawagam pon takde. Lol.#

It's already 6am here. I think I should go to sleep. Nice chat dude. maybe we can have some chat later on. Morning =P

" lol its cool dude, just hit me up sometime "

The end. So you guys can see all the differences in cultures and what not. I'm just sharing. See how hard life is there. #Peace#

Monday, July 18, 2011


Kisah ni konon nya diadaptasi dari kisah seseorang yang bernama Nurin Amani. Siapa Nurin Amani ? Aku sendiri pon tertanya tanya. Cehh. Haha. Mestilah aku tau sape Nurin. Tapi takkan aku nak cakap sape dia kan. Bukan kekasih bukan rapat bukan dan bukan. Haha. Teka lah sendiri. Okay. The story begins.

Kisah ni ada kaitan nya dengan kehidupan aku. Tapi tak semua. So aku cuma nak berkongsi dengan semua orang melalui kisah Nurin Amani.

Hidup bagaikan tak sempurna tanpa sentuhan kasih sayang sahabat. Semua orang punya sahabat karib yang akrab dengan kita. Sahabat yang boleh kita harap dan macam2 lagi. Time kita sunyi, gembira, sedih, semuanya kita nak kongsi dengan sahabat karib kita. Bestfriends are everything. Kita sayang gila bestfriends kita. Sanggup buat apa apa untuk diorang. Tapi, pernah tak korang terfikir ? time kita sedih, time kita sunyi kadang2 diorang ada tak kat sisi kita ? Ada ? Ke kita je yang selalu ada untuk diorang? Renungkan sendiri. Dua perkara untuk direnung.

Pernah tak korang terkecil hati dengan bestfriends sendiri ? Pernah ? Depends lah korang ni jenis yang macam mana. Bagi orang yang barubaru ada bestfriends, mesti sayang gila kat bestfriends dia kan. Tak kesah lah bestfriend tu laki ke perempuan. Kalau dah bestfriend tu memang sayang gila lah. Sikit je bestfriend kita cakap boleh terkecil hati. Tapi tu over sangat lah kan. Haha. Camni jelah sebenarnya. Kita ni kadang kena jaga hati kawan kita. Kadangkadang bila bestfriends buat tak endah, layan nak tak nak, pon kita boleh kecil hati. Bukan kita perlukan layanan sepenuh masa. Of course diorang ada komitmen lain yang penting. Tapi at least sepatutnya perlu lah beritahu something even busy sekali pon. Itu lah maksud nya. For some people boleh terasa bila bestfriends buat tak layan, even tak reply mesej. Nampak macam gedik. Haha. Pelik gila.

Dalam persahabatan memang perlu ada tolong menolong. Yelah, kawan baik kita, takkan tak nak tolong. Tak kisah pertolongan bentuk apa pon, selagi termampu nak bantu tu bantu lah. Korang pernah tak lalui or terfikir? Kita selalu sangat tolong kawan baik kita. Yelah sebab kita sayang kat diorang. Mestilah nak tolong. Kadang2 bestfriend kita ni tak sedar. Dia selalu sangat mintak tolong kat kita, itu ini itu ini. Sebagai kawan kita tetap akan tolong selagi boleh. Tapi kadang2 kawan baik kita takkan sedar bila kita mintak tolong kat dia. Pelik tak ? ini bukan mengungkit. Tapi sekadar renungan dan persoalan. Kenapa sahabat karib kita tak sedar yang kita juga perlu kan pertolongan diorang masa kita susah? Kenapa diorang tak endah ? sebab kadang kala, bila dia dah bahagia and dapat apa yang diorang nak, mudah je dia nak lupakan kita. Mudah je dia pergi. macam tu je. Betul tak Nurin Amani ? I know you will read this entry.

Entry ni pendek je. Hurm, as for me, bestfriends adalah segalanya gak. I love my bestfriends. I always pray for them mcm mana I always pray for my family. Doakan supaya diorang berjaya dunia akhirat, dapat cemerlang Asasi for Gee Azfar Ara and cemerlang SPM ye Radix. Haha. Aminn. This entry sekadar nak berkongsi karenah bestfriends yang sukar nak diduga sebab diorang kadang-kadang boleh lupakan kita dengan mudah. So kepada sesiapa yang ada bestfriend tu, jaga jaga lah hati bestfriend korang. Bukan senang nak bina tali persahabatan yang kukuh. Bukan sebelah pihak saja yang perlu buat ikatan persahabatan. Sebelah pihak lagi kena lah kukuh kan lagi ikatan tu. Barulah persahabatan kekal selamanya. InsyaALLAH. Sekian kisah Nurin.

Friendship Remains and Never Can End.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Last Performance

Phew. It's over. Dah takda pape lagi yang tinggal untuk ghazal. haihh. Last week aku , Ben , Azfar and Abg Amin tolong cikgu Zainudin, nak merealisasikan impian beliau (cehh!) untuk gabungkan 3 generasi ghazal kat SAMURA. Kitorang buat persembahan kat Dewan Pleno Tingkat 1 KLCC. Latihan macam biasa lahh kat samura. Aku and Ben sampai agak awal on Saturday. Masa tu taktau pulak ada majlis for Program Pengantarabangsaan Brunei and Indon. Wow. Sumpah ramai orang. haihh. Kitorang dah mcm blur taktau nak buat apa, so just jalanjalan ke kelas and mana mana lahh. Kitorang tak tau nak buat apa just contengconteng and whatever crap doing nothing. Malam tu tak selesa gila nak tidur asrama so tidur rumah abang Amin =='

Then ahad tu before pergi SAMURA untuk berlatih pergi lah wedding akak Syaf Medina. Haihhh. Lepak lepak baru pergi SAMURA. latihan petang tu cam takde pape jehh. Budak laki g outing. haiyo. Latihan simple2 jehh. Sampai lahh petang, then before gerak keluar ke masjid for mandi, solat asar kat surau kejap ngan Azfar. Surau sumpah lawa gile ! lawa lah wehh ! huhuhu. Kalau surau lawa camtu masa aku sekolah, setiap hari duduk surau ! cehhhh! Tibatiba ternampak kelibat manusia nihh, babai babai sambil tersengih. Aku dah pelik, dah lah aku rabun. Tett! Radix rupe nya. haha. Dah lama tak jumpe dia, rambut dia sangat pelik, baru potong. haha =P Pastu tros gerak ke masjid nak mandi =D

Mlm tu buat latihan last nak touch up sikit. Haihhh. habis pukul 12 malam. Penat giler. Then aku g asrama nak pinjam mcm2. Dari rumah ke rumah aku cari, haha. Tiba2 ada pulak si Radix tu. haihhh, then ckp aku kalau datang bukan nya nak datang dorm dia. Tak sempat lahh wehh. Dah jumpa kasut and etc. Kasut from Hazwan and Kimball. Stokin dan songkok of course from Radix. =D

Solat isyak kejap ! Haha. bagi Radix my MP4. dengar lahh sampai lebam. Solatsolat and lepak kejap ngn Radix, dah lama tak jumpe dia kan. Haihhh. Lepak borak dengar citer2 baru. Haha. Kuat gossip betul =P Dia mintak aku nya earphone and I said no. Haha, nt aku bg yang lain. Lepak tak bape lame ngn Radix :( then terpaksa gerak ke bus. Bubye Bestfriend !

Here are some pictures of my unforgettable memory ='(

 4 imported Ghazalians

Lompat lagi tinggi !

^----That's me !

3generations =D

More Pictures ? Click HERE =D